Forest Path


The Botanica Fiber Festival gives yarn makers and crafters an opportunity to shop for sustainable, natural fibers from anywhere in the world. We understand that having a diverse range of creative talent at the center of our event is crucial to making our show a welcoming space where anyone can find something they love. The volunteers that make up the planning team at Botanica are united in the pursuit of equality, equity and representation, and our vendors and participants agree that hate has no place at our event. 


Botanica also strives to be financially accessible even to crafters unable to shop with our vendors by providing a range of free presentations and seminars open to anyone. Our market is also free to 'attend' since it's hosted on so many websites and shops. Since Botanica is digital, visitors are able to join us from anywhere in the world with internet access, and are not restricted like other festivals to those who can navigate physical buildings and grounds.

If you feel there is anything we can do to make the festival more inclusive please let us know, we are always here with open ears!

Wheat Field