Alpacas el Camino

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Saturday 11:20 BST

Undyed yarn, Raw wool

Arsenio Diego runs a small fiber farm located in the valleys of Cantabria (North Spain) producing alpaca, suri and mohair yarns.

Searching for the biggest animal welfare possible in a 120 year farmhouse he pursues new colors by his breeding programme, but always taking the quality of the fibers in mind.
Adding value to natural colors it’s one of his priorities, helping to save them from disappearing in it’s “competition” with the white color(as you can dye it into any color it’s really attractive due to it’s versatility , so farms tend to have white herds, leaving colored genes behind)

Year to year he searchs for possible blends, including fibers that are not locally but are eco-friendly such as bioethic silk, bamboo, or ramie.

What he wants is to stimulate consciuosness about this eco-friendly fibers, really new and unknown in Spain, trying to make them essential in our day to day.

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