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Hand dyed yarn, Hand spun yarn, Accessories

Aurora is a Brazilian brand of sustainable yarn production, non superwash, hand spun and naturally dyed. We are located in the south of Brazil, a region where wool production has already been a source of livelihood for many farmers families. Brazil produces high quality and fine wool, like Merino, however, today Brazilian wool is no longer recognized. Our goal is to enhance the feminine and ancestral knowledge of wool spinning and provide job opportunities for local female artisans. Our main product is the yarn called Ana, composed of 100% merino wool, hand spun by rural women, non superwash and dyed with local plants such as brazilwood, pomegranate, chamomile, etc. Today we have about 15 artisans involved in our spinning group, creating jobs, income and self-esteem. All our wool is Brazilian and the natural dyeing is made by Érica - creator of Aurora. For international sales, we are creating a store on Etsy and we will be offering a 10% discount during the festival.

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