Autumn Larch Farm

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Saturday 1:20 pm EDT

Hand dyed yarn, Undyed yarn, Dyed and Natural color roving

Hi there, my name is Jane Hansen and I am the fiber farmer and fiber fan(atic) here at Autumn Larch Farm LLC. I learned to knit from my gram as a small child and have developed a deep respect for natural fibers, especially wool. I raise Coopworth sheep and have a few Romeldale CVM wethers. Their wool is shorn here and processed into yarn and roving at nearby woolen mills. I love being able to put the name of the sheep that grew the wool onto each label. I adore the wide range of natural colors my sheep produce and I'm also pretty darned excited about using plants I have grown, foraged or saved from the compost bin to add color to some of the wool in a clean and sustainable way. My sheep and I work as a team to improve the land that we are stewarding and I'm very thoughtful about the impact the farm's actions have on the environment and therefore work to continually learn and reduce our carbon footprint via solar power generation, compostable packaging, regenerative agricultural practices and more.

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