Charlie Button Yarn

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Sunday 10:40 GMT

Hand dyed yarn, Undyed yarn

Charlie Button Yarn developed when I realised the fleece from our local sheep was just thrown away after their annual shearing. To me this was a heartbreaking waste of a wonderful, sustainable and valuable resource. Not only that, but there were fleeces from breeds I'd never knitted with and I wanted to change that. There aren't many places where you can find 100% Manx Loaghtan, Hebridean or Ryeland yarn.

I sourced a small mill that specialised in small batch fleece processing and began to have the fleece transformed from something that was going to be wasted into something beautiful and useful.

You wont find the same consistency and uniformity as you would from a more commercially produced yarn. The yarn has it’s own unique identity – just like the sheep it comes from.

Because I worked with a small number of farms, with a smaller number of sheep, the skeins produced are limited and may change every year!

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