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Hand dyed yarn, Undyed yarn

We rethink traditional processes of the textile industry to develop sustainable natural fiber yarn, respectful of people, all living beings and the environment. We are a family team and live in Rio Cuarto, a city in the heart of Argentina. Coruja was born almost 3 years ago, when we meet the atopic dermatitis from our oldest child. We started investigating clothes and what they are made off. We use natural dyes to give color to our yarns and make our best to improve our after footprint. We redesign recipes of our ancestors to spend less water and energy. We reuse all the water that is possible and we use our own biodegradable soap which is also rinse free. LIBRE is a 100% merino 18 microns yarn. Comes from happy sheep raised freely with natural pastures in Patagonia. Is also free of mulesing, organic and carbon neutral. CALMA is a 100% organic cotton yarn. It´s grown under international standards of production, respecting the natural cycles and promoting the renewal of nutrients. AURA is a blend between merino 18 microns and Llama. Merino bases is the same than Libre and de Llama comes from a social project

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