Dresow Family Farm

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Sunday 1:20 pm EDT

Sheep Farmer, Natural Dyer, Family Farm

Stacy Dresow is the boss lady at Dresow Family Farm in Lonsdale, MN. Of all the livestock we raise on our farm, the sheep are my favorite. I have a flock of superfine to fine fleeced sheep which includes pure breed Cormo and Corriedale and cross breeds of Cormo and Merino, CVM -Romeldale, Bond and Corriedale. I love being able to tell you the name of the sheep who grew that luscious goodness & how the animal and land are cared for. My favorite sheep breed is the Cormo, their fiber is the most squishy, bouncy and buttery soft. I am truly mesmerized by the fact that grass consumption creates wool. I am a fan of dyes derived from plants & food waste. I really try to keep all my dye stuff from local soil, even hyper local from our farm only, but there are always a couple colors not from our farm. I like to experiment with colors from different plants, flowers, nuts & food waste combinations -a full on mess in the kitchen that lasts for days. Our farm yarn was featured in Seasonal Slow Knitting by Hannah Theissen, The Fibershed Regional Hemp Book , and pattern designs by Shaina Scott of @yumiyarns. To learn more about our flock and farm, please visit our website!

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