Flora Adora Fibers

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Hand dyed yarn, Undyed yarn, Accessories

Hi, I’m Sharon and Flora Adora Fibers expresses my love for native plants, gardening, the outdoors, knitting, and making in general. My non-superwash, nylon free yarns are naturally dyed with plant material I grow or forage on my own property, with the goal to grow as much of my own dyestuffs as possible. The color palette is rounded out by traditional natural dye materials such as logwood, cochineal, madder and indigo purchased from responsible sources.

I strive to use water, heat and other resources responsibly, reusing mordant and dye baths multiple times when possible. I’m experimenting with mordant techniques that require minimal to no heat, as well as solar dyeing.

Some yarn bases are produced in Wyoming, Canada and South America. I’m also working to develop relationships with more local fiber producers and mills to offer a wider variety of fiber types, including breed specific yarns. Finding interesting and handmade accessories to offer, such as shawl pins and projects bags, is a fun side project.

Ultimately, my goal is to introduce fiber lovers to the excitement and beauty of working with naturally dyed yarns and educate them on why continuing to preserve these dye methods is important.

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