Flora Adora Fibers

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Sunday 12:00 pm EDT

Hand dyed yarn, Accessories

Hi, I’m Sharon Miller, the dyer at Flora Adora Fibers. Needing a change from physical therapy, I decided to combine my love of nature and plants, gardening and knitting in a natural dyeing business. My yarns and colors are a work-in-progress but always nylon free and nonsuperwash. Yarns are naturally dyed with lightfast and washfast plant materials I collect on my rural Ohio property or nearby, grow in my garden or purchase from responsible sources. Current yarns come from Wyoming, Canada and Peru, with most of the wool produced by small farmers. However, I’m always on the lookout for more locally produced fibers and breed specific yarns. Additionally, I strive to produce my products using responsible techniques that minimize water use and other waste. Natural dyes are AMAZING! So many plants, trees, roots and so on to explore... I am excited to be part of Botanica 2021 and hope to see you there!

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