Gullrock Fibres

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Saturday 11:00 BST

Hand dyed yarn, Hand dyed fibre

Gullrock Fibres is a Devon based plant dye studio run by Sinead, an ex-engineer and physics teacher, who is absolutely loving her new, if very slow, manufacturing process. The plants are gathered from local city parks, Dartmoor and nearby beaches where there are plenty of windfalls and enthusiastic patches of planting where a little foraging is acceptable. This year she is setting up her own dye garden with a view to using her own plants. Otherwise she uses dried flowers, plants and roots from friends' allotments or local suppliers. She has found responsibly sourced extracts useful to achieve speckled effects on certain yarns. The majority of her yarn bases are grown and spun in the UK, many in the same county. All are nylon-free and non-superwash. Both dyed and undyed fibres are sourced in Devon from local farms and mills for the adventurous spinner and dyer. Sinead is particularly interested in future solutions to world dye issues especially the use of known biosynthesis pathways from microbes leading to the use of synthetic biology in closed bioreactors. In the meantime she is enjoying small scale production with dyes that produce beautiful, complex, multi-faceted colours and she hopes that you enjoy using and wearing her fibres for many years to come.

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