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Hand dyed yarn, Hand spun yarn, Handdyed spinning fiber (combed top, roving, batts, locks)

Started in 2006 as a home-based business, Gwen Erin Natural Fibers Studio is located on Main Street in Hubbard, OH. What began as a hobby for owner Gwen Brown, has turned into a full-time operation. Her primary focus is micro-batch dyeing, but also enjoys spinning, felting, weaving, knitting, and crocheting. Her favorite aspect of fiber arts is the variety. You will find an array of carded roving, combed top, batts, locks and handspun yarn in natural and hand-dyed colors. Each item is given special attention from beginning to end. Washed by hand, dyed in small batches, handspun on a wheel, and handknitted, you know a lot of time and love has been put into every inch.

Gwen's focus is working with individual sheep breeds and in the process, seeking to support small and locally owned farms. She works primarily with wool, but sometimes throws a bit of alpaca, angora, cashmere, mohair, or silk in the mix. Though not plant-based, her dyes of choice are free of heavy metals.

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