Hannah Thiessen

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Hand dyed yarn, Knitting patterns, Books and magazines currently, plus some dyed fabrics too

Hannah Thiessen is the author of Slow Knitting and now Seasonal Slow Knitting--books that are focused on experiencing our craft in new, sustainable, holistic and inspiring ways. Hannah has worked in yarn and fiber for over a decade professionally, and has likely worked on some of your favorite yarn companies and brands. Now, she splits her time working as the Production Editor for By Hand Serial, designing knitting patterns, and exploring new fibers through spinning, knitting, and weaving. Her mission is to empower crafters to feel informed about their fiber choices by sharing her research on her website, www.hannahthiessen.com and Instagram @hannahbelleknits . In her Botanica shop, you'll find a small selection of naturally dyed yarns and fabrics, plus a selection of the books Hannah has written or worked on, and some other (surprise) goodies.

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