Hannah Thiessen

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Sunday 10:40 am EDT

Hand spun yarn, Knitting patterns, Books

Hannah Thiessen is the author of two knitting books, Slow Knitting (Abrams 2017) and Seasonal Slow Knitting (Abrams 2020). Her work is heavily focused on local production, farm wools, wool diversity and natural dyeing. Through her work as a writer, teacher and speaker, Hannah encourages crafters to think more deeply about where their projects and passions intersect with the work of those who raise, prepare and dye the materials they use. She shares insight into her own creative pursuits and discoveries on her website in the form of resources like the Slow Knitting Yarn Directory. This digital guide is working to compile a list of many of the passionate creators working to achieve the same goal: a more sustainable world of wool. In addition to her own focus, Hannah also works with By Hand Serial ( as their Production Editor, and is the co-founder of Wayfinder Press ( When she's not working, she loves to sew, spin, paint, garden and spend time with her husband and three cats in sunny middle Tennessee.

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