Heatherlea Black Cheviot

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Sunday 12:40 GMT

Hand spun yarn, Undyed yarn, Knitting and crochet kits, and felted slippers knitting and crochet pattern

Undyed yarn in 50g & 100g skeins.

Alongside my husband I run a flock of North Country Cheviot sheep (conventional white pattern fleece) alongside a flock of the rare Black North Country Cheviot on a remote croft in the Scottish Highlands.

I started Heatherlea Black Cheviot in response to seeing our Black Cheviot fleeces being added to a large bag of generations worth of black fleece and just stored. They were thought to be useless. I thought - '' Such a waste''.

I purchased a 2nd hand Ashford spinning wheel from another crofter and set about learning to spin. It is satisfying knowing the whole circle. The wool can be traced to the individual sheep in our flock.

These days most of my best fleeces go to a UK mill to have them made into machine spun skeins, producing Chunky to Lace and everything in between.

Even experienced wool artists are surprised by the softness, durability and versatility of my wool.

Other than selling wool and looking after our rich biodiversity, I enjoy communicating the value of sustainably grown wool to whoever is willing to listen. With the current Climate and Biodiversity Crisis there has never been a better time to be using wool, and it is not yet too late to make a difference.

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