Hook & Light

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Saturday 11:20 GMT

Naturally dyed yarn, Project Bags, Stitch Markers

Part of the Botanica Team. Hook & Light is an independent natural dye studio run by two sisters, Iris & Melissa, originally from Yorkshire and now based in Cambridge.

Their yarn shows that natural dyes can be luxurious, colourful and whimsical, featuring gorgeous warm and natural tones which never clash.

Iris & Melissa both have a passion for nature and natural materials and dye only high quality, natural and non-superwash wool which preserves the lively character and body of the yarn as well as being environmentally friendly. They grow, forage and recycle many of their dye materials themselves.

Hook & Light also stocks a range of fun accessories including stitch markers, hand made naturally dyed project bags and their signature “Crafty Sloth” enamel pins.

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