Janette Budge

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Sunday 14:00pm GMT

Tools, Knitting patterns, Craft Courses

Brought up on a croft in Shetland, I was surrounded by knitting especially fair isle. Many of the women in my mother’s family were ‘knitting to sell’. This made it inevitable I would learn to knit too at a young age. Fast forward 30+ years and Shetland Wool Week evolves in Shetland. The need for Shetland knitting tutors, my love of sharing the skills and meeting people collide. And where my tutoring career begins. I teach beginners and intermediate fair isle plus ‘How to use a Traditional Shetland Knitting Belt’ or ‘makkin’ belt as it’s known locally. Knitting belts have been used in Shetland for around 150 years and are used with long double pointed needles. The combination gives you a good ergonomic posture and can help to speed up your knitting. It can be used for all types of knitting projects, not just fair isle. The belts in my shop are made locally by a traditional leather crafter. I also design fair isle and colourwork patterns using 100% wool yarn from local Shetland sheep producers. I run my business from our off grid home, powered by solar panels and a wind turbine.

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