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As someone passionate about knitting and wearing sweaters, I quickly learned the value of natural, non-superwash yarns. This was further cemented by my experience making numerous handknit sweaters for my children. I hold very strong feelings about the advantage of non-superwash yarns especially when it comes to knitting for babies and children and have written a blogpost detailing my experience. Baby drool can stain superwash yarns beyond any hope of washing. Superwash yarns grow every time they are washed, and quickly they end up stretched out and distorted. In comparison, non-superwash wool yarns are easily cleaned, naturally resist stains, and hold their shape even after being worn many, many times. A natural wool sweater can be washed, re-blocked, de-pilled and look amazing for years and years of wear whereas a superwash counterpart will soon be destined for the back of the closet. Non-superwash yarn is also warmer because the natural wool fibers have not been subdued with harsh chemical treatments or coated in plastic. The few minutes of handwashing non-superwash yarns require is well worth the many benefits it brings. I never choose superwash yarns anymore because I want my handknits to last and look good for many years.

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