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My name is Solène Le Roux and I am a knitting retreats host and knitwear designer living in the South-West of France.

The Knit Pause Retreats are peaceful creative experiences for knitters from all over the world looking to deepen their relationship to their craft and share an abundant space of connection and self-expression.

I host retreats in-person in France and Europe, that are not only a deep experience of creative pause but also a way to connect with local artisans and discover local yarns. During each retreat, participants are invited to knit with a local natural yarn and we go visit local yarn people, mills or farmers as a way to create bonds between us, support their work and find inspiration in having conversations around local yarn traditions.

I also host quarterly Home Retreats online that offer knitters spaces of support and growth to reconnect to the season and to their creative inspiration through knitting meditations, sharing circles, inspiring prompts and the power of sharing a space with other creative knitters.

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