La Piantalana

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Sunday 11:40 GMT

Hand dyed yarn

The name "La Piantalana" is a game between the two Italian words that are used for "plant" and "wool", which can also mean "the one who plants wool" .

I am a natural color artisan, grown up between the city and the grandparents’ farm. Nature together with colors is my source of inspiration and joy, so I try to work as much as possible with an ethical and environmentally friendly approach.

I cannot say that I belong only to one place: I believe that the roots can be very long. Today I move to different parts of Italy between Puglia, Campania and Emilia-Romagna. In this area I personally collect the plants that I study to obtain the colors of the “piantalane”.

To extend my color palette, I also purchase dyeing materials, such as indigo or cochineal, which do not necessarily reflect the places where I live.

Small and slow scale dyeing 5-6 skeins at a time. Each is a unique and unrepeatable creation that expresses my joy in experimenting, a process I cannot give up.

Working with wool is my little revolutionary act of freedom and independence.

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