Marsh & Moor

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Saturday 8:40 BST

Hand dyed yarn, Woven scarves and wall hangings

I am a mental health worker who believes that healing, for both humans and the Planet, comes from a connection with nature and mindful crafts. Marsh&Moor is a very small, home based business, aiming to bring together the calm meditative craft of weaving, natural fibres and the magic of plant dyes. My textiles are woven intuitively, purposely asymmetrical, each piece is unique and I will never weave two identical ones.
Being Earth loving and kind to the soil, as well and keeping it local, is important for me, that is why I use regeneratively farmed British wool in my work, featuring either the natural colour of the fleece or natural dyes. I have either foraged my dye stuff or purchased it from UK based dyers and, as of this year, I have started growing my own dye plants. All the wool is dyed in small batches in my kitchen, the exhaust dye baths are being reused to create lighter shades or compound colours, the same dye stuff is being reprocessed for as long as it is able to produce colour and when it can no long yield colour it goes into our compost bin and from there back into the soil. As well as dying weaving yarn, I am dyeing small bathes of knitting yarn, available to purchase in my shop.

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