Mirja's woolplay

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Hand dyed yarn, Knitting patterns

Mirja’s woolplay sources natural yarns in Sweden as a means to support sheep farmers, local mini-mills and the conservation of Swedish sheep breeds. The understanding of the value of wool as a material has increased in Sweden over the past few years, but still too many of the wonderful fibres are thrown away.

My colourways are achieved with botanical dyes from plants that I forage in the urban environment in Vienna where I live or around our summer house in Sweden. Or from vegetable food scraps to make sure as little as possible go to waste in my kitchen. I make an exception for some plant dyes that produce colours I cannot get unless I buy them.
Resourceful dyeing methods using as little water and chemicals as possible are applied.

Accompanying knit designs inspired by the yarn, but also encouraging using your stash, are available on Ravelry and in the webshop!

I never cease to marvel at the magic of botanical dyes. Because I’m so in love with the magical aspect I mainly dye experimentally and therefore my colourways are not repeatable, but truly unique. This is the way I enjoy dyeing the most and I hope you enjoy the results too!

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