Raincloud & Sage

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Saturday 11:00 BST

Hand dyed yarn, Undyed yarn

Raincloud & Sage is a yarn company based in Marburg, Germany, started by two friends in late 2017. What began as a search for a locally produced yarn ended in the discovery that much of the wool from small flocks within Germany is extremely undervalued and thus often ends up being thrown away or even burned. So we set out to see if we could make something out of it! We now purchase previously unused wool directly from multiple shepherds and work with local producers (mills, washing facilities & dye houses) to create sustainable and traceable yarn for knitters and makers.
Our business is built around the values of sustainability and transparency, which both have a direct affect on every step in the process of making our yarns. We are passionate not only about restoring value to our local textile industry but also about involving our customers and community in our process through providing education & information, as well as knitting patterns and other content to inspire a more conscious making process. Currently our team is made up of Marty (who takes care of communications with our shepherds and producers) and Ruth (who does pretty much everything else).

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