Seaweed Shepherdess

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Sunday 12:20 GMT

undyed yarn and naturally dyed yarn

Seaweed Shepherdess produces yarns with provenance from rare seaweed-eating sheep.

The wool from North Ronaldsay sheep is hand clipped by islanders. Sheep owners wait for the “lift”, which is the new season’s growth of wool before clipping, to ensure enough new wool in left behind to keep them warm next to the stormy Atlantic seas. The sheep live on the island’s beaches and survive mainly on a seaweed diet, which has been shown to reduce methane emmissions in livestock. The fleece is dehaired before being spun in small batches at the island’s own mini wool mill (which is wind powered!) leaving behind a soft and lofty yarn.

The yarn comes in natural undyed colours, from soft grey to dark chocolate browns, as well as naturally dyed colours. The yarn is hand dyed by Siân on her croft on North Ronaldsay, which is also home to her own flock of sheep.

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