Sheepish woollens

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Sunday 10:00 BST

Hand spun yarn, Undyed yarn, Washed and combed fleece from my own sheep

My name is Amy and Sheepish Woollens is my yarn and fleece business, based on my small environmentally run farm in West Wales.

Through both self funding and through last year’s Kickstarter Campaign I have had my fleeces processed in a U.K. woollen mill into lovely bouncy yarn with full traceability to my cherished flock living naturally in the Cambrian hills of West Wales.

I am passionate about making use of the amazing fleeces that my sheep naturally grow throughout each year - through my yarn, through my spinning kits with my farm’s fleece included and through my own spinning and weaving. Further products are in the pipeline and every fleece is treasured.

I started my small mixed flock of Ryeland, Welsh Mountain and Welsh Mule five years ago - inspired by my strong love of natural fibres and spinning and life long ambition to raise sheep.

Historically Ryeland fleece was treasured as one of the finest fleeces in the world and the sheep are friendly stocky sheep - they naturally follow me and the feed bucket!

Welsh mountain sheep and mules are generally more skittish and winning their trust has been great. I also have two very lovely Balwen sheep - rare sheep originating from a valley not far from here - whose quiet independence and dignity has won a huge place in my heart.

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