The Athenian Maker

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Sunday 12:00 GMT

Hand dyed yarn, Handknitted accessories

Two years ago I attended a course on natural dyes,
I fell in love with this new to me world, the varietiey of colors you get from nature is amazing and the connection one feels with nature through natural dyeing is incredible ,
Months after the course ended The Athenian Maker were I sell my botanically dyed yarn and handknitted accessories, came to life. The main characteristic of The Athenian Maker is that all the hand dyed wool and the wool used for the handknitted accessories is non superwash and comes from farms that do not slaughter their sheep at any point of their life, farms were sheep live a long and natural life.
A lot of the dye materials I use , are gathered from my surroundings, a processes that gives me so much pleasure and through which I appreciate nature and feel connected with it. Always making sure to not cause any harm nor over forage materials.
I use traditional dyes that have been proven through time to be colorfast and wash fast and in the rare occasion that this is not the case like with Logwood or Brazilwood I make sure to mention it so that the maker using the yarn to know what to expect.

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