The Lansdowne House

Live at:

Sunday 8:00 BST

Indigo and Ecoprinting workshops, natural dies kits, Eco printed projects bags

Elisabeth Viguie Culshaw
The Lansdowne House - Glasgow

Elisabeth is an eco upcycler and a natural dyer, she runs her studio "The Lansdowne House" in Glasgow Scotland.

Practising artist for many years, her regular travels in South East Asia inspired her to self train in Indigo dyeing and Ecoprinting and she works with both techniques to make work, undertake commissions and teaches others to learn the secret of a well kept vat.

She runs regular workshops (online live as well as in person) in setting up and dyeing with Indigo reduction vats (fructose, ferrous and hydro), she offers self paced taught kits for those who prefer working on their own at home. She works in a sustainable manner, recycling being a big part of her studio practise. She bring in her Organic Indigo, and sustainably farmed cotton from South East Asia, working with small farming communities to make sure the profit generated helps out further developments.

She will offer some Indigo and Ecoprinting workshops online, some self paced kits and some project bags all curated for the Botanica 2021 festival.

She shares her work and that of her pupils on her gratitude instagram page @bettysbeautifullife.

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