The Slow Yarn Spinner

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Saturday 15:20 BST

Hand spun yarn, Tools, Spinning kits and courses hand washed and processed fibres

The Slow Yarn Spinner is all about celebrating the joy in creating sustainably and slowly. Making yarn from scratch is one of the slowest possible ways to make fabric but when we slow down it gives us time to be creative. My online courses bring this slowness to you, guiding you through the basics of traditional hand spinning and wool processing methods using simple tools. With a mix of video and live tutorials plus a curated kit these courses are tailored particularly to people who live in towns and cities and aim to boost the confidence and creativity of spinners no matter where they live.
Making yarn slowly is an opportunity to make something really special. I love to showcase the variety and versatility of British wool. My hand spun yarns and spinning kits use wool that is traceable to show the connections between farm and fabric. To add colour I use other materials like recycled sari silk and lap waste wool that would have otherwise gone to waste.

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