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Naturally dyed yarn, Undyed yarn

Tulliver Yarn is a natural dye studio based in Berlin and the surrounding Brandenburg. All the yarn bases are breed-specific non-superwash 100% wool yarns, sourced and produced in Europe. Presently they come from the UK, from Finland, and Germany.

Natural dyeing has been a passion since my teenage years, though I lost sight of it for some time. About 10 years ago I rediscovered my love of wool and natural colours and it hasn´t left me since.
I work with dye plants collected locally, with food wastes, as well as with GOTS-certified natural dye extracts. Tulliver Yarn focuses on thoroughly and evenly dyed colours that range from neutral and soft to intense. The yarns and colours are very suitable for colourwork.

Working with the very time-intensive process of natural dyeing has made me appreciate colour as something very precious. I am still in awe that such a wonderful broad range of colours can be teased out of natural dyestuffs. We are all so used to be always surrounded by a multitude of colours, so easily produced synthetically, yet pretty harmful for the environment. Natural dyeing has made me use colour more sparingly - while also enjoying the natural colours of materials - but when I use it, I really appreciate it.

During all those years working daily with wool yarn I learned such a lot about different types of wool fibre, about wool production resulting into different types of yarn that I am presently, together with a colleague, working on commissioning our own regional yarns.

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