Vaid Design

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Sunday 13:00 BST

Hand dyed yarn, Knitting patterns, Craft Courses

My name is Sascha, and I am the founder of Vaid Plantefargeri and a botanical dyer located in Bergen, Norway. My husband and I are urban farmers, and together we run the botanical dye corporation. We cultivate dye plants in our garden and gather natural resources for botanical dyes. I do all the botanical pigments, and my husband is the one who is attending the beds in the garden. We also arrange courses and markets in our garden throughout the summer.

You will find botanically dyed yarns arranged in years round-colours, which is unison colourways available throughout the year. The seasonal colours are variegated yarns, which is one-off colourways that will not be available in the webshop again. Besides, you will find knitwear designs, yarn kits, patterns, dye equipment and local food products from our garden. Meet our garden and see photographs of the dye plants used to create our beautiful colourways.

We use locally produced wool yarns from the oldest wool spinning mill in Norway, Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk, to make botanically dyed yarns. The exclusive products are made out of Norwegian wool. They are handcrafted with love to bring further joy to knitters and wool enthusiasts worldwide.

Botanica Offer:

A free sample of herbal tea blend from the garden and 10% off on all orders