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Hand dyed yarn, Hand spun yarn, Undyed yarn

At KAL we are working exclusively with hand-spun and handwoven textiles. Our teams are located in three regions across India: Assam, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh and are all home-based. Our focus is on a source to stitch concept with a transparency in the making steps. We aim to bridge the traditional with the modern and like timeless design. We work on fly shuttle looms with Eri silk, lambswool and yak wool and on backstrap looms with yak wool and sheep wool. Each year we hand-pick our wool from the nomadic community of Kharnak in Eastern Ladakh. After this, we process our wool in a natural way and only carry out the carding of the wool by machine - all at our studio and home in Ladakh.
Our collections range from garments and accessories to home textiles, carpets as well as hand-spun yarn and cocoons for crafters, weavers and knitters across the globe to use in their own projects.
After all, our approach to textiles is holistic. To us, the value of hand-made textiles is unique and timeless and includes an entire ecosystem: the maker, the material, the tradition, the livelihood and the environment within a textile is created.

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