Wilde Seele

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Sunday 8:20 BST

Hand dyed yarn

Wilde Seele means Wild Soul.
Wilde Seele is a woman owned business and a creative space for original handcraft using natural materials.
Founded in 2018 by Sigrid Kopp, a freelancing midwife, passionate humanitarian medical aid worker, knitter and plant dyer, Wilde Seele became a space for her handcrafting family members and is meant to honour the beauty of any craftsmanship using natural materials.
Creating daily equipment, cloths, tools and toys has a long tradition in her own family and the joy of working, designing and giving life to ideas can be seen in any piece.
For the first two years Wilde Seele had a strong focus on natural, non super wash, plastic free and plant dyed yarn. Most of the dye-plants are cultivated in the own permaculture garden and collected in the fields and woods surrounding the property. In 2021 the focus is on expanding the business by producing their own yarn blends from local shepherds and get it spun with in the region. You’ll find individual and carefully created colours on natural yarn in the shop, as well as assorted knitting books, handcrafted project bags as well as unique handcrafted wooden spoons or children’s toys!

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