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I’ve always been a maker of some kind or other. Often as a child that was in fibre crafts, but for the last 10 years my focus has been on green woodworking - using hand tools and local sustainably sourced wood to create useful everyday items. Over this time I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from old Scandinavian and Baltic woodenware in particular. This led me into the wonderful world of making and using heddles for backstrap weaving. Rigid heddles (also called tape looms in the USA) are a lovely way to weave narrow patterned bands without the need for a bulky loom. They were often given and cherished as love tokens in pre-industrial life. My heddles are made using the same kinds of methods with love and attention to detail. They are quick and easy to set up in comparison to other kinds of weaving, and can be used to produce a wide array of patterns ranging from very simple to beautifully complex.

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