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Naturally hand dyed yarn

At Wool & Palette, we sell naturally hand-dyed yarn. Our wool is grown and milled within the U.S. and dyed in Portland, Oregon.

Wool & Palette uses a full spectrum approach to our product. We partner with the Shaniko Wool Company Farm Group. They represent 7 family ranches in the western part of the United States who follow the rigorous process of becoming Responsible Wool Standard Certified, developed by the Textile Exchange. These ranches are committed to managing their soil and rangeland health, resulting in increased yield, grazing capacity, and erosion reversal. Every year they are 3rd party audited to include strict animal welfare, land management criteria, and workers’ health, safety, and welfare. It ensures a strong chain of custody for certified materials as they move through the supply chain.

Our non-superwash Merino/Rambuiollet wool is then processed within the U.S. where mill workers are provided a living wage. And last, we spend an enormous amount of time and energy dyeing our yarn in small batches with natural materials such as flowers, barks, leaves, bugs, and minerals. Up to 12 dye plants are grown in our garden and the rest are sourced from a natural dye supplier in Portland, Oregon.

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