Woollen Flower

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Naturally Dyed Yarn

Woollenflower is a small natural dye studio based in Glasgow, Scotland. My yarns are made from high-quality, natural fibres, such as minimally-processed local wools, alpaca, linen and kid mohair, and dyed with plants collected around Glasgow and Scotland, food waste and sustainably-sourced raw plant material and dye extracts, using traditional immersion-dyeing techniques.

Aiming always to deepen my capacity to draw out the complex and varied shades held in plants, I hope to expand on the commonly-held view that natural dyes give mostly soft yellows and browns (though those are lovely!) and create a range of colours inspire people to see them differently.

I’m also committed to minimising the amount of resources going into my work, reusing dye and mordant baths until completely exhausted, working with organic indigo vats that are free of harsh chemicals, composting spent dyestuff, using yarns made from breeds of sheep whose fleeces would otherwise be thrown away and, other than the packaging that raw materials arrive in, eliminating plastics and other synthetic materials from my production chain.

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