Woollen Twine

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Saturday 8:20 BST

Naturally Dyed Yarn

Woollentwine is a creative space and dyeing studio located in Northern Germany. We love to create with all kinds of natural fibres and want to share our ethics and admiration for nature with the world. At woollentwine fibrestudio, we cherish natural materials and their properties just as they are. We don’t see a need to use artificial fibres or substances when there is something as wonderful and functional as pure wool. We are inspired by the hues of nature and therefore use only natural dyes to create a colourful palette of woolly goodness.

Every skein in the shop is dyed by hand using natural dyes only. Dyeing with botanical extracts, leaves, barks and other natural goodies takes a lot of patience and is very unpredictable. They never produce fully repeatable results, so every dyelot is unique, which is beautiful and exciting.

Sustainability is the core of what we do and every decision, thought and process is made with respect for our planet in mind. By sourcing locally, recycling materials, avoiding plastic, exhausting dye baths and reusing water as often as possible, we are always trying to keep the process as sustainable as possible and respect the resources we are using.

Botanica Offer:

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