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Naturally Dyed Yarn

Woollenflower is a small natural dye and textile studio, based in Glasgow's east end and run by Australian-born horticulturist and craftsperson, Julia Billings. With a particular focus on producing yarn and threads for other craftspeople, I hope to facilitate the making of objects that are beautiful, comforting and long-lasting and to expand public perceptions on the range of shades that natural dyes yield.
Woollenflower yarns are made from minimally-processed natural fibres, such as wool, alpaca and linen, and are chosen for their high quality, provenance and capacity to display the beauty of natural dyes. They often combine unusual blends of fibres and work especially well held together to create subtle, rich colours and textures. All are dyed with plants collected around Glasgow and Scotland, as well as sustainably-sourced raw dyestuff and extracts, using traditional methods and as little resources as possible.

I also produce periodic collections of knit accessories, made using a hand-operated vintage knitting machine, Scottish yarns in soft, rich and earthy colours and botanically-inspired colourwork motifs, and pouches from wool fabrics reclaimed from worn-out garments, upholsterer’s waste and vintage lengths.

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