Woolly Botanicals

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Saturday 13:20 BST

Project bags

Woolly Botanicals, a branch of Woolly Originals, creates beautiful bags for knitters, crocheters, crafters and artists to use for their projects and their tools. Based in Edinburgh, we use domestic knitting machines to create the outer fabric of your bag using undyed and plant dyed wools. All the designs are our own and have been inspired by our Scottish flora such as Scots Pine, Highland Grove, and Heritage Orchard. We’re also inspired by the contents of our weekly veggie box, creating the Tessellating Root Veg design!

We mainly use Scottish yarns from Jamieson’s of Shetland, JC Rennie in Aberdeenshire and Uist Wool in the Outer Hebrides, some of which we use undyed whilst the others we dye using locally foraged plant materials or kitchen food waste. We also feature occasional guest yarns such as the Finnish Aurinkokehrä and London based, Trava & Wool. Lining fabrics are created using undyed linen from Scottish Linen in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Hand embroidery is also used to decorate limited edition bags.

Respecting the environment is a keystone to how we operate with each step of our processes carefully considered as to how we can reduce our impact upon the planet. More details can be found on our website.

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