Wooly Witch of the West

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Saturday 12:40 pm EST

Hand dyed yarn, Hand spun yarn, Naturally Dyed, Locally Sourced Spinning Fibers

Madeline of Wooly Witch of the West, is a fiber artist living wild in the woods of Northwestern Montana who focuses mainly on natural dyeing, handspinning and knitting. She endeavors to source her materials as locally and sustainably as possible, working with small scale ranchers for fiber and harvesting many of her dye plants from the surrounding woods. Each time she steps outside is a hunt for color, and she has a small army of family and friends saving various kitchen scraps with dye potential for her. Most recently she has been published on the blog and in a few issues of Spin-Off magazine! She offers naturally dyed, natural fiber yarns, local Montana Millspun yarns that are breed specific, handspun yarns for special projects, naturally dyed and hand blended fiber for fellow spinners, as well as completed knitwear items that she has hand made from the fleece onward.

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