Yankee Rock Farm, LLC

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Saturday 1:00 pm EST

Undyed yarn, Raw wool, roving, pelts

We are Siri and Colin, first-generation farmers dedicated to all things sheep. Together we are Yankee Rock Farm and Yankee Clippers Shearing, raising and shearing sheep based in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, USA. Our flock of registered Border Leicesters and Finnsheep provide hearty meat, fiber, and pelts. All of our fiber products are made of 100% non-superwash wool sourced directly from farms and milled locally.
Yankee Rock Farm is truly a sheep-centered operation striving to promote and progress the best of the Border Leicester and Finn breeds for geographically minded sheep farming. We utilize rotational grazing and low-impact management practices to improve soil health and biodiversity. With each product offered, we keep accessibility in mind from the farm to the customer. Siri and Colin are deeply committed to capturing the value of wool; through our work as professional shearers we move wool headed for the trash into the hands of those who can appreciate it. We avoid trending fads and misleading labels in order to produce affordable items with integrity. Simply put, we love sheep and the extraordinary resources they create. Yankee Rock Farm brings us deep fulfillment by achieving our mission to serve sheep, land, and community.

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